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Kevin Hart Wants Me To Buy His Book

By Cory Miller | May 21, 2020

Got this awesome email from Audible with the subject line that first got my attention: KEVIN HART’s new release has your name written all over…

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The Easiest, But Most Impactful Way to Start Digital Marketing

By Cory Miller | April 29, 2020

 For so many businesses, just getting started with digital marketing (specifically email and content marketing) is a huge barrier for them. But the way…

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Happy Birthday! 50% off our Monthly Membership

By Cory Miller | April 24, 2020

    So actually … it’s OUR birthdays this month … but we’re giving YOU a present! 50% off our new All Access Monthly Membership…

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Help Businesses Get Take-Out Orders Faster, Easier

By Cory Miller | March 22, 2020

One thing you can do for your clients or if you’re a business that sells goods out of a physical location is to do a…

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Some Suggestions for COVID-19 Communication

By Rebecca Gill | March 19, 2020

I’ve been preaching this to my own clients, so I thought it would be good to also remind the group of things you can do…

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To the Top SEO Course Updates

By Rebecca Gill | December 29, 2017

This last year has been epic for the world of SEO. While the core components of search engine optimization have stayed consistent, we’ve experienced a…

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Just Say No to AutoSpinner SEO Plugins

By Rebecca Gill | October 25, 2017

This morning I received an email from Envato Market, which is a very large marketplace for website design templates, plugins, and files. The email subject…

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Can Microsites Help With SEO Efforts?

By Rebecca Gill | November 9, 2016

I’m often asked if it would be helpful to create a microsite for SEO purposes. And while there is no absolute answer that applies to…

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SEO is Not Flat

By Rebecca Gill | October 31, 2016

Did you know that SEO is not flat? It isn’t just black and white words placed on a web page and forgotten about by website…

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Are Fiverr SEO Purchases Worth the Money?

By Rebecca Gill | October 21, 2016

This site and a lot of my work is focused on educating people on search engine optimization. While I do work on SEO consulting projects,…

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