Are Fiverr SEO Purchases Worth the Money?

This site and a lot of my work is focused on educating people on search engine optimization. While I do work on SEO consulting projects, my heart is in education because I want to empower people.

As part of this educational effort, I feel compelled to provide a public service warning about Fiverr SEO offers. While I’m sure “some” of the Fiverr providers are knowledgable, not all will be aware of the ins and outs of SEO. They also won’t have the time and due diligence necessary to perform quality search engine optimization.

Two Examples of Fiverr SEO Offers and Their Results

I’d like to take a moment of your time and look at just two examples of Fiverr SEO offers and the reviews they received. I won’t show who the sellers are nor will I link to their profiles. I’m purposely doing this because I don’t know the full story and disparaging someone is not my intent.

Just know these offers are 100% real and the reviews were pulled directly from their profiles. One is even considered a top seller.

Fiverr SEO Offer #1: I will run 30 Days SEO campaign, 31001 backlinks

Buyer Reviews:

  • Got a report with a few hundred links. Most of which were duplicates. I checked the 150 links remaining, and most of those didn’t actually have the links in the pages. Messaged the seller about it, no response. Avoid.
  • I read all information what he provide me. Links what he provide me is not related with my site. Some links I can´t open, I ask for refund.
  • I think most people see the report and don’t check the links and just give good reviews when they see the report. I waited almost 30 days and went through 1st ten and only two were valid. I chopped it up as a loss – just another scam in my opinion. Do not recommend!
  • This guy has set spammy links on 45 URL´s using an automatic content generator, and linked my keywords in the content, this is against the Google Webmaster Guidelines: He claims in the description that this Penguin 2.1 & Hummingbird safe, be warned about this spammer!

Fiverr SEO Offer #2: I will rank your website Very High in Google with Best SEO backlinks Traffic for $5

Buyer Reviews:

  • This service is really really bad. After his work, my website pages was removed from Google.
  • My website dropped from the 3rd page to no where to be found.
  • He basically create blog links on some NEW websites (with low rank). very low visibility.
  • Sorry, but can´t recommend – wish I had asked for sample links in advance,but I did not. For a very low comp keyword, my site is slowly dropping. I have not made any other links.
  • Not impressed… Had zero effect on my ranking… In fact my ranking got worse after buying this gig. Not sure what he did. Buy with caution.
  • I spent over $100 and got nothing in return. I have been talking to the seller for 4 months and have nothing but promises. Then when I try to put in a cancellation I am told it is too late. CAUTION – Seller promised to get me on the first page of google and did not even get my site in the top 100.

Your Take Away

SEO is not fast or cheap. You can’t buy immediate ranking or really any ranking for $5. It simply won’t happen and Google even makes an effort to warn webmasters of this fact.

When you buy SEO services, from unknown providers for very low rates, you’re playing Russian roulette. You have no idea what you’re getting and you truly don’t know the negative ramifications it can have on your website.

Be careful!

Instead of flushing money down the Fiverr toilet, educate yourself. Spend the money on you!

Buy an online SEO course or attend an SEO Bootcamp. An investment in you will far outperform any money you can throw at low cost SEO services.

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