To the Top SEO Course Updates

This last year has been epic for the world of SEO. While the core components of search engine optimization have stayed consistent, we’ve experienced a lot of changes in how many elements of SEO work. Due to this shift, our main SEO training course needed an update.

While the course is tweaked throughout the year, this week a major update was done to many areas of the material. Existing topics were updated, new topics were added, and new templates were introduced.

Existing Topics That Were Updates

Preparing Your Seed List

Added four templates for defining:

  • Who, What, Why of You
  • Buyer Personas
  • Product and Service Offering
  • Offering By Persona

Growing Your Seed List of Keywords

Added additional sources of keywords

Researching Your Competition

  • Dynomapper was added as suggested tool
  • Added a template for Competitor documentation

Performing a Content Audit

Added template called Content Overview

Content Optimization Highlights

  • Added two graphs to highlight the importance of longer content
  • Added additional details for recent shifts in on-page SEO
  • Increased maximum meta description length to 300 characters

Using WordPress SEO Plugins

Increased maximum meta description length to 300 characters

Creating Meta Titles and Descriptions

Increased maximum meta description length to 300 characters

Why Internal Linking is Important

Added examples of link placement

Building Credible Backlinks

  • Added text on why links still matter
  • Added reference to link juice
  • Added graphs to illustrate link juice

Schema, Structured Data, and Rich Snippets

  • Added details on Schema vocabularies
  • Added specific example of hotel Schema in use
  • Added implementation options across CMS solutions
  • Added list of WordPress plugins available for Schema
  • Added a list of additional resources available for Schema

301 Redirects

  • Added illustrations of the redirect process with and without 301s
  • Added benefits of using 301 redirects
  • Added additional notes
  • Added resource links

New Topics Added

  • Finding Additional Keyword Options With KW Finder
  • The Google Knowledge Graph
  • YouTube SEO

New Lesson Added

Download Archive

  • Added a new lesson to store existing files referenced throughout the course
  • Augmented list with new templates referenced above

All of these above updates are available to existing license holders. Just head on over to the My Account page to login and review the changes.

You have are not an existing user and would like to purchase the course, just head on over to the course product page.

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