How to Stock Your Content Pantry Full — The Easy, Efficient Way

Start with a webinar ...

Schedule a 1-Hour Webinar

Do It Live

Make it conversational or interview format

Or just a solo presentation

Focus on practical takeaways about topics your customers care about

Take their questions at the end

Record it all — with separate Video and Audio recordings

After the webinar ...

Get Transcription

Otter is free for 600 minutes

Post Video To YouTube

Use Transcription from
and Post in Description

Post Audio To Podcast is easy and free to start

Upload Slides (if applicable) to SlideShare

Get Embed Code

Use all of that to create a post or landing page ...

 Create master blog post or landing page on your website from transcription

Include key takeaways and quotes

Embed YouTube, Podcast, Slides

Questions asked during the webinar become topics for other blog posts


Then post pieces to social

Turn quotes into images

Use slides in series

Post clips of video

Post short blurb with video to Facebook Page or Facebook Group

Link back to post

Key Takeaways and Quotes

Tweet Key Takeaways and Quotes

Post short blurb with link back to Post

Upload slides

Post key takeaways and quotes

Post short blurb with link back to post

And always ... use Email!

Send post with replay to webinar registrants (first question you'll get every time is "Is this being recorded?")

Send post with replay to your email lists

Bonus: Create a Lead Magnet

Package it all together to use as an incentive
to get people to sign up for your email list.