SEO and PPC are the two primary types of content displayed on a search engine results page (SERP). SEO stands for search engine optimization and PPC stands for pay per click.

  • Organic results – These are natural search listings that appear on a search results page naturally. They are based on content and ranking of that content.
  • Paid results – These listings are ones that are presented as a result of an advertiser buying an ad. These are commonly called PPC or pay per click ads. You will see them at the top and sometimes the bottom of a search engine results page.

How do you know if SEO or PPC is right for your website or blog? Let’s ask some questions to answer that for you.

  • Are you willing to learn about what search engines want and need to be successful?
  • Can you write quality content?
  • Can you follow a process?
  • Do you like research and strategy?
  • Can you and will you engage in social media?

If you answer yes to these questions, then SEO is a potential fit. If you answered no to the previous questions, then SEO is probably not going to be a fit.

Now let’s consider PPC and see if that is a potential fit. Let’s again ask some questions:

  • Do you have funds to devote each month to PPC ads?
  • Are you willing to learn about PPC and how to best utilize it and your budget in the best manner possible?
  • Or are you willing to pay a firm to manage the PPC campaigns for you?

If you again answer yes to these questions, then PPC might be the best option.

There is no right or wrong answer on SEO vs PPC, although I am partial to SEO. I’ve worked with in for well over a decade and I believe in it.

If you’d like to learn more about SEO and how to use it for your website or blog, consider taking my SEO course. It’s a lot of information, but it offers great SEO education and provides a solid process for you to follow.

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