Take Your Website or Blog to the Next Level

Digital Marketing Kitchen chefs, Cory Miller and Rebecca Gill, teach you the process they’ve used for a decade plus of digital marketing success. You’ll learn what they focused on, what they did, and how it helped them create profitable businesses.

If This is You…

  • Not enough time
  • No direction or strategy
  • Shotgun approach to online marketing
  • Lack of knowledge and best practices
  • Don’t know what is or is not working
  • Have a website or blog, but not fully using it
  • Can’t keep up with all the digital marketing changes
  • Can’t get consistent content, emails, etc. out the door
  • Not sure what content to produce
  • Don’t know how to build an email list
  • Or worse, not using the email list you already have

You Need the Eight Course Meal

  1. Clarify You and Your Audience
  2. Define Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  3. Set Your SEO Strategy
  4. Create Killer Content
  5. Optimize Your Content for SEO
  6. Build Your Email List
  7. Create Emails That Convert
  8. Reporting and Monitoring

In addition to the 8 course meal (43 lessons), you’ll also receive access to Cory’s Transform Lives With Content & Community course (11 lessons) and Rebecca’s Quick Bite mini courses (12 additional trainings).

If you’re not totally happy with your purchase, we’ll gladly refund your money in the first 15 days after initial purchase.
We only ask you answer one question: How could we make what we’re doing better for you (and others)?

Join Us in the Kitchen

Foundation Courses Only

Ideal if you want course access only.
Get lifetime access to the courses on SEO, content creation, and email marketing.
This also includes lifetime access to January 2020's SEO Bootcamp replays.
Regular price of $297 for lifetime access.

Foundation Courses Plus Live Event Access

Ideal if you want courses plus monthly training and coaching.
Live office hours with personalized advice and Q&A. Held twice per month.
Live topical training sessions. Held once per month.
This education builds upon the foundation courses, so it can only be purchased in conjunction with the course.
Purchase includes a one-time course fee.
Regular price of $297 for lifetime course access plus $19.97/month for live events.

Meet Rebecca Gill

  • 20+ years of sales and marketing experience
  • 15+ years of real-world SEO experience
  • 10+ years of running a digital marketing agency
  • 5+ years of teaching SEO
  • Successfully launched and sold WordPress theme store
  • Creator of SEObits.fm podcast
  • Creator of SEO Bootcamp workshops
  • Author of DIY SEO online courses
  • Well-versed on bootstrapped digital marketing
  • DIY marketer at heart
  • Successfully competed and won against some of the biggest software brands online
  • Appeared in some of the largest digital marketing outlets that include Search Engine Journal, CopyBlogger, Ahrefs, Marketo, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and Wired Magazine


Meet Cory Miller

  • Started and grew multimillion dollar software business, which was acquired in 2018
  • Content and email marketing were the key behind-the-scene drivers of growth and success
  • Grew and managed lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers
  • Hired, trained, and led online marketing efforts
  • Co-Authored WordPress All In One for Dummies
  • Well-known and in-demand speaker
  • Publishing on the web since 1999
  • Active in online marketing since 2006
  • Background as journalist and communications pro
  • Veteran coach and small group faciltiator
  • Current Projects include: ExitExercise, PostStatus.com, and TheVidaBars.com