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Quick Bites

Our Quick Bite series includes short lessons for new digital marketers. The lessons are standalone tutorials designed to get you off and running quickly. They’ll offer you some quick wins and get you thinking about digital marketing in a way that will create a foundation for long-term success. We will continue to add to these Quick Bites, so check back for new content.

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Transform Lives With Content & Community

In this course, Cory deep dives into his time at iThemes. He talks about the core principles that helped build not just a brand, but also a community. This course is about a philosophy, a way of life, a mindset, an approach of doing business that breaks the traditional mold of business as usual.

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The 8 Course Meal

This extensive course defines the core components Cory and Rebecca have used in building their brands and their online success. At the heart of their success has always been strong digital marketing activities that focused on personas, SEO, content, and email marketing. They bring you into the kitchen and they teach you about what really matters…one course at a time.

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SEO Bootcamp

Watch Rebecca’s SEO Bootcamp sessions and learn her secrets in three days of intensive training and live Q&A. She walks through her proven SEO process of research, planning, and execution.