Find, Connect, and Grow With Your Tribe

Cory and Rebecca make business owners’ lives awesome by helping them find, connect, and communicate with their tribes through SEO, content, and email marketing.

Come into the Digital Marketing Kitchen and they’ll teach you their proven process for driving digital marketing success.

They use over a decade of real-world experience to teach you how to be successful in search, content marketing, and email lead generation. You’ll learn what they focused on, what they did, and how it helped them create profitable and sustainable businesses that were grown through their digital marketing efforts.

If This is You…

  • Not enough time
  • No direction or strategy
  • A shotgun approach to online marketing
  • Lack of knowledge and best practices
  • Don’t know what is or is not working
  • Have a website or blog, but not fully using it
  • Can’t keep up with all the digital marketing changes
  • Can’t get consistent content, emails, etc. out the door
  • Not sure what content to produce
  • Don’t know how to build an email list
  • Or worse, not using the email list you already have

You Need the Eight Course Meal

  1. Clarify You and Your Audience
  2. Define Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  3. Set Your SEO Strategy
  4. Create Killer Content
  5. Optimize Your Content for SEO
  6. Build Your Email List
  7. Create Emails That Convert
  8. Reporting and Monitoring

8 Course Meal on Digital Marketing (43 Lessons)
Transform Lives With Content & Community (11 Lessons)
Quick Bite Mini-Courses (12 Lessons)
3 Days of SEO Bootcamp Video Replays
PLUS more indepth SEO courses (210+ Lessons)
Live Training and Coaching Events Weekly

If you’re not totally happy with your purchase, we’ll gladly refund your money in 15 days of purchase.
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Community Feedback

Rebecca and Cory are terrific and generous teachers. I’ve been following and listening to Rebecca’s SEO training for several years. I always learn something new from Rebecca. Cory has walked the entrepreneurship walk and I especially appreciate Cory’s emphasis on mental health. I enthusiastically signed up for the Digital Marketing Kitchen to make sure I keep the arrows in my SEO quiver nice and sharp.


Kim Kuhlman

Owner, Blue Sky Digital Strategy

I truly don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for Rebecca’s training. I fell in love with SEO and I know most of it was because of Rebecca’s attitude and passion during the classes and coaching. I’ve learned so much and now I’m confidently applying my learnings at my job.


Claudia Lima

SEO Manager

9 Courses 280+ Lessons

12 fast and actionable lessons offer an introduction for new marketers.

Methodology for building successful businesses with digital marketing.

Everything from defining your target market to creating killer content.

Replays of our 3-day event full of SEO education and instruction.

This course helps marketers and developers learn proven SEO processes.

Recordings of multi-day event teaching what really matters in SEO for WordPress.

A great course for those freelancers and developers wanting to augment their SEO services.

Understanding what the Knowledge Graph is and how it can help your website rank.

Deep-dive into your top competitors’ website to learn what they rank for and why!

Live Training and Coaching Events Weekly

Rebecca & Cory provide a full hour of advice, mentoring, coaching in this live Q&A Office Hours

In-depth live training on various topics and interviews with leaders in the digital marketing space.

Live and interactive coaching to help you plan out your marketing content for the next 30-days.

Meet Rebecca Gill

  • 20+ years of sales and marketing experience
  • 15+ years of real-world SEO experience
  • 10+ years of running a digital marketing agency
  • 5+ years of teaching SEO
  • Successfully launched and sold WordPress theme store
  • Creator of podcast
  • Creator of SEO Bootcamp workshops
  • Author of DIY SEO online courses
  • Well-versed on bootstrapped digital marketing
  • DIY marketer at heart
  • Successfully competed and won against some of the biggest software brands online
  • Appeared in some of the largest digital marketing outlets that include Search Engine Journal, CopyBlogger, Ahrefs, Marketo, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and Wired Magazine

Meet Cory Miller

  • Started and grew multimillion dollar software business, which was acquired in 2018
  • Content and email marketing were the key behind-the-scene drivers of growth and success
  • Grew and managed lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers
  • Hired, trained, and led online marketing efforts
  • Co-Authored WordPress All In One for Dummies
  • Well-known and in-demand speaker
  • Publishing on the web since 1999
  • Active in online marketing since 2006
  • Background as journalist and communications pro
  • Veteran coach and small group faciltiator
  • Current Projects include: ExitExercise,, and